Once was so happy,
Then everything went downhill.
People fall in and out of love.
I happened to fall out.
Depressed and lost.
Wish he would except the apology.
Accused of lying and cheating.
Never would dare.
I started giving up slowly.
Hope is gone.
Everything I do feels so wrong.
I try to move on. Really.
The others have no affect on me.
I want that feeling back.
I wish everything would go back to normal.
You’re my 3 a.m. thought.
The thought of someone else having you breaks me apart every time.
Just forgive me.
I did it for you.
I want things back to how they were.
I want you mine.
I want you to give a shit.
Tell me how you feel,
So I can move on.
Please just tell me.
I need closure.